Clear Creek ISD

May 2017, May 2013, May 2007, Feb. 2004

After failing a bond election in February 2003, Clear Creek ISD hired The Educated Vote, in partnership with PBK Architects, to assist with planning their February 2004 bond. As an extension of that service, The Educated Vote helped organize and lead a community committee that would advocate for the bond measure. After successfully passing the February 2004 bond, Clear Creek ISD has used The Educated Vote’s services for every additional bond election since, easily passing each with 64% or higher voter approval.

Clear Creek ISD’s May 2017 bond was the largest in the district’s history at $487 million. The Educated Vote assisted with planning the bond and provided campaign services for the advocacy committee. The committee campaign implemented strategies like yard signs and road signs, push cards, t-shirts, an aggressive social media campaign, and various direct mail pieces. In particular, a direct mail piece targeted at voters likely to vote absentee significantly increased the mail-in ballots the district received, compared to previous bond elections, with 75% of mail-in ballots casted in favor of the 2017 Bond.

Clear Creek ISD has a sizeable Tea Party presence; many party members opposed the 2017 Bond, citing its size as their primary concern. The district was proactive in frequently meeting with party individuals and presenting information at party events, and the advocacy committee participated in a forum where both sides were invited to present.

Despite the organized opposition, Clear Creek ISD voters approved the 2017 Bond with 65% of votes cast in favor of the referendum.