College of the Mainland

Nov. 2018

Aside from the original bond in December 1966 that established the College of the Mainland, only one other bond package had been approved by voters in May 1970. After failing two consecutive bond elections in 2007 and 2011, College of the Mainland hired The Educated Vote, along with architectural support from PBK Architects, to lead the bond planning process and manage the communication campaign.

Working with college leadership, The Educated Vote led all bond planning meetings, engaging with members of the taxpaying district and college administration and staff. After many months of work, the Bond Planning Committee recommended a $162.5 million bond (the largest in the college’s history) to construct three new buildings and provide various additions and renovations to existing facilities; the Committee’s recommendation was unanimously approved by the College of the Mainland Board of Trustees and placed on the November 6, 2018 ballot.

The Educated Vote led the communication campaigns for both College of the Mainland and the committee that formed to advocate for the bond in the community. The College of the Mainland campaign included informational items like flyers, a community forum presentation, campus signage, direct mail, and community testimonials posted to social media and the dedicated bond website. The campaign’s signature piece was a brochure designed as a circle (to match the logo developed for the college’s long range master planning effort) and accordion-folded. The committee campaign implemented strategies including yard signs and road signs, multiple direct mail pieces, newspaper advertising, outdoor billboards, push cards, and an aggressive social media campaign.

The College of the Mainland 2018 Bond was on the ballot the same year as a Texas midterm election that saw record-breaking numbers of new registered voters and turnout at the polls. Often not the case, support for the bond increased a full percentage point after Election Day votes were counted. The College of the Mainland 2018 Bond was approved by voters by a 67% margin.