Our experts guide your process of bond planning – from the initial phases through Election Day and beyond – with a highly supportable plan to maximize community engagement, participation and support. Quality data and expert analysis foster informed decisions. Together, we create a clear, defined course of action; accountability;
and consistent, professional communications.


For the Educational Institution

  • Build and coordinate your “bond team” (staff, board members, community members, and consultants)
  • Advise facilities assessment procedures and prioritized recommendations for improvements
  • Design and produce direct mail and other marketing media
  • Development of multimedia presentations and graphics
  • Conduct voter demographic analysis
  • Identify communication campaign needs and advise tactics
  • Develop political strategies
  • Develop timelines and campaign budgets
  • Provide rapid response to changing campaign needs

For the Committee

Meeting Organization, Coordination & Assistance

  • Serve as liaison between educational institution’s communications/PR personnel and Political Action Committee leadership
  • Advise on Texas Ethics Commission rules, regulations and filing requirements
  • Schedule & notify participants about meetings
  • Meeting logistics (agendas, calendars, assignments, etc.)
  • Identify and organize committees/subcommittees and responsibilities
  • Mobilize volunteers in all aspects of campaign activities utilizing effective grassroots methods

Campaign Timeline

  • Timeline of assignment “due dates” leading up to Election Day

Campaign Fundraising

  • Lists of potential campaign contributors
  • Letters to potential campaign contributors

Campaign Branding

  • Theme – Identify a “brand” for the campaign
    (i.e. colors, slogans, etc.)
  • Content – Write/script communications material
  • Graphics – Logos and graphic elements that maximize campaign recognition

Internet Presence

  • Campaign website & e-blast (email) campaigns

Campaign Materials/Mailers

  • Development of brochures, posters, postcards, advertisements,
    T-shirts, bumper stickers, etc.

Campaign Presentations

  • Development of multimedia presentations and graphics

Campaign Signage

  • Production & delivery of yard signs, road signs,
    billboard advertising, etc.


  • Multilingual translation of campaign materials






Institution leadership must maintain an excellent relationship with staff, students, parents and community members
year-round (not just in election years). This is achieved through consistent conveyance of transparent processes, strong communications, educational performance, and a strict approach to being fiscally responsible.


Having a good understanding of taxpayers’ desires and limitations, as well as knowing when to “draw the line” on particular bond projects and dollars will produce the best results at the polls.




Institution administration and board members must commit to work as a team in generating consensus for major decisions and then stand behind every decision made. It is imperative that they also commit to publicly carrying that through to the very end.



For many reasons, the most effective means of communicating a bond measure is through the institution – although the public entity is required to disseminate only “facts.” Understanding the right messaging and timing tactics is key to keeping things transparent, legal and politically effective.


It is imperative that the Political Action Committee (PAC) be properly organized, managed and held accountable in order to achieve the best results on Election Day. Properly operated, a PAC can
single-handedly turn any bond package into a landslide election victory.